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Distribution and population dynamics and variation of Lithops schwantesii in Namibia.

The Foundation has set out a definite programme of biological and ecological research on individual Lithops plants in their natural habitat as well as monitoring some populations in total. Since 2014, the main research programmes have been centred around Lithops schwantesii. A total of 33  individual plants in five L.schwantesii colonies have been individually marked and are monitored regularly.  Further to these focussed programmes, many colonies of all Lithops species are visited and information is then gathered on the size of the colonies and the composition of the populations.

The population dynamics of Lithops amicorum

In the known populations of Lithops amicorum 32 plants have been individually marked and monitored at least three times every year. This long-term monitoring program will provide information on the longevity of individual plants, the population turnover and the annual variation in the plants.

The size and composition of Lithops colonies

We are visiting as many as possible Lithops colonies and by photographing all the plants found in a colony we can estimate the size and composition of colonies and in that way gather valuable biological and ecological information of Lithops plants.

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