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New Lithops pseudotruncatella colony visited

During April 2019 one of the farmers south of Windhoek informed the LR&CF that a newly discovered colony of Lithops pseudotruncatella on a neighbouring farm was flowering and that they counted more than 300 flowers in the afternoon a few days before. Due to other research commitments we were not able to travel the 600 km from our base in south Namibia to see this flower show but in early May we visited the colony high on a hill in an isolated part of the farm. The plants were still in very turgid condition and as the area is sparsely used for grazing stock the population is in a very healthy condition with several large clumps of plants photographed.

Multiple headed Lithops pseudotruncatella plants were plentiful in the new colony.

A greyish and well dotted multi-headed Lithops pseudotruncatella plant in the colony.

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