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Lithops Research & Conservation Foundation advising on placement of new dumpsite

The LR&CF was asked to advise the National Botanical Institute of Namibia to advise on the placement of new household dump site for the town of Karasburg in southern Namibia during November 2018. Two areas were identified near the town and the LR&CF visited the areas to assess the plant life and observe the animals that use the area and that would thus be affected by the habitat destruction and activities associated with the creation of a dump site.

Although no Lithops plants and very few other succulents were present at either of the sites, Euphoria fusca was a prominent succulent at one site. This site also showed more animal activities such as the holes of Barking Geckos and mouse tracks. Seven bird species were also identified in the area during the hour-long visit. In contrast the second site near road D208 was much more nature sterile with no prominent succulents and minimal animal activities in the area. It was advised that this area should be used to create a new dumpsite for the town.

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